“Ondato” expands in to Klaipėda. 50 new job opportunities opening this year alone.

“Ondato” expands in to Klaipėda. 50 new job opportunities opening this year alone.

Good news for the residents of Klaipėda – starting this September, “Ondato”, a Lithuanian startup providing KYC (know your client) solutions, opens an office in Klaipėda and is on the lookout for at least 50 employees. The company is promising a competitive salary, a flexible work schedule and an opportunity to work from home.

“Ondato” continues its expansion in Lithuania. The company, with offices in London, Gdansk, Vilnius, and Alytus, branches out to Klaipėda next. Here “Ondato” hopes to attract talented people to its ranks, by promising flexible working conditions and a generous salary. Surprisingly, the requirements for candidates are trivial: the ability to speak at least one foreign language and a burning desire to learn and work. 

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Promises a competitive salary

The Lithuanian startup, which provides its clients with KYC solutions for both businesses and individuals, already has 174 employees throughout Lithuania. This fall, the company is opening a new office in Klaipėda with the hope to hire at least 50 new employees by the end of this year.

“Ondato” ensures safe KYC solutions remotely all around the world, as well as regulatory compliance for various companies, such as banks, insurance companies, other financial institutions, and businesses.

“Ondato” is opening its office in the central part of the city, by the Danė river. Later, the company intends to move to the “Tech Zity” workspace in Klaipėda, which will start operating in the former “Švyturys“ brewery next year.

The company’s headquarters are in London, with additional offices in Vilnius, where its managers and programmers reside, as well as offices in Alytus and Gdansk, Poland. In Klaipėda, the company is looking for KYC and data compliance specialists.

According to the co-founder and CEO of the company, Liudas Kanapienis, experience is not necessary when applying for a job in “Ondato”:

“Since no higher education institution trains compliance specialists, we have our very own training program. We hire a person and then their training lasts for a few weeks. The employee learns to recognize cases of fraud and is introduced to various systems. Potential long term employees mostly need a strong desire to learn, the ability to react quickly, and thoroughness. Thus, it is not necessary for them to have the competencies beforehand from a university degree.”

What is very important for successful candidates, according to L. Kanapienis, is knowledge of at least one foreign language. English, Russian, Polish, Lithuanian, Spanish, and French speakers are sought after. L. Kanapienis has no doubt that job vacancies will be filled quickly, because Klaipėda has great potential, and its higher education institutions train plentiful of students who are fluent in at least one foreign language.

“Our primary reason for the expansion to Klaipėda is people’s minds. Lots of competition exists in the biggest cities and it’s becoming quite difficult to find specialists who speak foreign languages. Regions such as Klaipėda are places where people often settle down and start families, but the labor market is not as active as in the capital. Therefore, naturally, we are expanding to Klaipėda,” explained the company CEO.

Both students and graduates can apply for new jobs. “Ondato” offers a flexible work schedule – both day and night shifts are organized, as the company provides services to customers all around the globe.

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest advantages for students to choose “Ondato” is the salary.

“Our salaries are indeed competitive. We understand that the employees need to earn salaries that satisfy them, which is why we apply various motivational incentives. Of course, working in a technology company that views its employees a little differently, as members of the team rather than simply as a labor force, is already a great motivator,” said L. Kanapienis.

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What makes Klaipėda so attractive?

“There are as many as eight higher education institutions and five vocational schools in Klaipėda. We have recently noticed that more and more young qualified people and families are choosing to live by the sea. The excellent supply of qualified employees, the outstanding price-quality ratio for office spaces, and the city’s wholehearted business support are just some of the reasons why “Ondato” chose Klaipėda for its expansion,” claims Virgilijus Pajaujis, the Head of Business at “Klaipėda ID”.

“Klaipėda ID” is very pleased that they managed to save heaps of time for “Ondato” and the journey from inquiry to office rental in Klaipėda was exceptionally smooth. “Klaipėda ID” helped the investor to establish contact with higher education institutions, introduced them to the existing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) ecosystem, and found the most suitable office space in Klaipėda.

“We invite all companies that are considering expanding to Klaipėda to get in touch with “Klaipėda ID” directly. We are ready to be your best guides in the business ecosystem of the city,” said V. Pajaujis.

According to him, “Ondato” liked Klaipėda because it has a lot of talent to offer. Office space rent was also an important aspect. In his opinion, high-quality premises can be rented for cheaper in Klaipėda than in the other large cities, and the business can allocate the saved funds to other needs.

There are plenty students and graduates in Klaipėda who are fluent in foreign languages. Many foreigners study in higher education institutions, such as LCC International University, so it will not be difficult for “Ondato” to find young people who speak various foreign languages in Klaipėda, hopes V. Pajaujis.

The arrival of “Ondato” to Klaipėda is a victory not only for the future employees of the company but also for the city itself.

“This is an important recognition of the city’s potential. Klaipėda gets to be noticed more by the investors and is also on the radar of “Ondato” customers. We hope the company will get involved in the city’s ICT community. We are glad that this community will be joined by such a strong partner,” said V. Pajaujis.

According to him, the expanding city infrastructure attracts even more similar businesses to Klaipėda. Co-working space “Light House” continues its expanse, the largest “Tech Zity” division will open its doors in 2022, and Klaipėda FEZ announced ambitious plans to develop innovational ecosystems.

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Higher education representatives also await the arrival of the company

LCC International University, located in Klaipėda, is also pleased that “Ondato” has chosen Klaipėda for its next hub. The attention of the students will definitely turn to the company for work and career opportunities.

“Such an employer is attractive because it offers global opportunities to students during their studies and after graduation. “Ondato” works in global markets, allowing our English-speaking students to work without language barriers. Also, here at LCC International University, the students can bring additional skills to the table – they are fluent in English, Russian, Arabic and other languages, as well as have analytical skills that are highly valued by employers,” assures Aistė Motekaitienė, Executive Director for Business Development at LCC International University.

The university is a great place for companies like “Ondato” to look for young talent.

“LCC students have a strong work ethic, flexibility to combine work with studies, impeccable English and other language skills, are creative, able to communicate, analyze, adapt to the ever-changing work or market conditions. LCC students are motivated and willing to work. “By hiring young and talented people during their studies “Ondato” can raise a promising, motivated and loyal team. I think this idea and our student potential makes them desirable future employees,” said A. Motekaitienė.

A. Motekaitienė hopes that the university will not only cooperate with the company in student recruitment but also in training specialists and educating the future generations.

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