Klaipėda – the city of growth and opportunities.

Klaipėda – the city of growth and opportunities.​

Lithuania - the geographical heart of Europe - is the fastest growing country in the EU by GDP per capita since the new millennium. Despite being a relatively small country, Lithuania attracts globally known companies and has already been ranked 14th in the world for the ease of doing business. With strong economic stability and financial incentives for new companies, Lithuania is mostly known for its professional and multilingual talents, that drives international businesses to success.

At the crossroads of trade routes from North to South and West to East in Lithuania is Klaipėda – a hot spot for businesses searching for favourable opportunities and growth.

City of many paths

Klaipėda is the 5th largest city in the Baltics and the second youngest city in Lithuania, with 47% of the population younger than 40 years old, as well as one of the economically emerging regions in Lithuania – currently accounting for 12% of GDP.

This coastal city is home to the Baltics most northerly ice-free port – making it a regional hub for logistics and transportation. Shipping possibilities have a global range: from main Western European ports, the tip of India, Western Asia, to the rest of the world’s most important trading hubs. Boarding a modern ferry, just in one day, you can reach the main ports in Sweden, Denmark, and Germany.

Klaipėda is convenient with its port as well as with its excellent road and rail net, linking Lithuania with Europe. It only takes 3 days by truck to reach 690M people market in as far as France or Greece and ever-expanding rail lines connect Europe with China. Being known as transportation hub Klaipėda and its region has 1500 companies in the logistics and transportation sectors that employ almost 20K people.

In addition, Lithuania has 3 international airports, which link more than 80 destinations on the globe, and the nearest one to Klaipėda connects Western Lithuania with 8 important business hubs in Europe throughout the year.

Talent is key

Famous as the city of students, Klaipėda has 13 higher education institutions with one international LCC university with a key difference – all study programs are in English. This university attracts students from a multitude of countries like the USA, Germany, Ukraine, Hungary, Spain, Romania and many more. At the same time, Klaipėda university with its long-standing history and robust maritime traditions delivers the talents for the maritime supply chain as well as a variety of professionals for engineering, IT, communications, business administration and other fields.

In terms of English proficiency, with 48 various study programs in English and more than a half of youth population speaking English, Klaipėda is a natural choice for international companies seeking a new location to expand in. The Klaipėda’s talent pool has strong professionals in engineering, mechanics and electronics as well as law, finance, IT, languages and business management fields. Additionally, being the centre of the region, Klaipėda is attractive for talents located in Klaipėda’s catchment area and for talents in other Lithuanian cities. This creates a myriad of educated and eager to work potential employees, almost custom tailored for the dominant companies in Klaipėda region.

When taking into consideration the cost and quality ratio of the local workforce, choosing to grow the business in Klaipėda becomes a logical decision. The investment is deemed to be profitable when comparing Klaipėda to other major cities of Lithuania or even international harbours like Gdansk, Tallinn or Malmo.

A place to settle

Klaipėda always has something to offer. Especially when looking for quality offices or industrial space for the business endeavours. On average office rental costs are at least 20% cheaper compared to Vilnius and Kaunas. The prices of offices start at a 5 EUR plus utilities per square meter per month. Currently, Klaipėda has a lot of various places for small business to set foot in the city, suitable for its unique needs. And if a business prefers building a factory or a new facility in an unoccupied area, there is around 100 ha of free space in Klaipėda City territory and much more around. Here are more real estate offers to discover.

In the meantime, the most successful free economic zone in the Baltics – Klaipėda FEZ – has a quick launch program “Flex Start”, which helps businesses to expedite operations within 3 months including a full package of financial incentives and services for investors to feel comfortable. Klaipėda FEZ is the country’s fastest-growing region and supports a wide variety of local and international companies to promote their business activities. More than 100 companies, including such well-known as Neo group, MSC, Greencarrier, Vpa Logistics, DFDS or Yazaki, have chosen Klaipėda FEZ and are utilising the advantages it delivers.

On top of that, the new industrial and business park near Klaipėda airport will be launched soon. It will offer 100 ha territory with an aerodrome and a 105,000 m2 area for production and logistics buildings.

Klaipėda’s main economic driver is its Maritime cluster. Bringing together shipbuilding, repair and design with logistics and stevedoring, the city’s port and surrounding environs comprise an integrated high-value cluster that is a great breeding ground for innovation for small and large companies.

On the water front, Klaipėda continues investing in the development of the port, making it the biggest EU seaport on the Eastern coast of the Baltic per 65 million tons of cargo handled. What is more, two dredging projects, which are already in motion, will deepen the port up to 17 meters, allowing even larger than before ships to drop their anchors here. The port not only deepens but also widens – with the formation of new vacant lands in the south and north parts of the port, exciting fresh opportunities arise for manufacturing companies to grow.

City support and development  

With a strong tradition creating top-tier talents in the maritime industry, Klaipėda is focused on growth in the blue economy and becoming a modern city synonymous with fast decision making. Therefore in 2018 Klaipėda introduced its city development strategy called “Klaipėda 2030”, which was ranked among the best City FDI promotion strategies at the Emerging Europe awards. Over 100 experts in city development, science, port expansion, business, and other sectors were involved in building the strategy. Klaipėda’s strength is in its unity – city partners led by Klaipėda Municipality are here to help and answer all the questions.

Quality of life by the coast

Klaipėda is no. 1 city for quality of life in Lithuania: blue flag beaches, UNESCO Heritage, well-developed cycling lanes around the region and easy ways to travel from one side of the city to the other – these are just some of many benefits.

With 90 education institutions for your child to choose from, Klaipėda is a great place to raise your young. City’s tranquillity slows down the intensive rhythm of life, the fresh seaside air and pine scent is a great way to meditate after work while the view of crashing waves kindles the inspiration. Though, if the desire is for a more active lifestyle – water activities like kitesurfing, parasailing, sea kayaking – you name it! – and sports complexes do have something to offer.

With its rich culture and historical places, seasonal festivities attracting millions of people from around the globe, steady growth and increasing opportunities – Klaipėda is THE place to settle.

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