Ready to Invest in Baltic Offshore Wind Energy?

Lithuania's commitment to fasten the development of the Baltic offshore wind energy sector unlocks new opportunities.


Of locally produced electricity from renewable sources by 2050


Two offshore power plants by 2028.

3 bn

Euros of private investments


New jobs

Current transformation of the port infrastructure will facilitate a faster assembly and storage of offshore wind turbines. 

40 t/m2

Up to 40 t/m2 load intended for heavy load lifting.

21 ha

21 ha area with convenient road and rail access for wind turbine assembly and storage.

10-12 m

The designed depth of the quays


New jobs

Offshore Wind Energy Ecosystem in Lithuania.

Our vision is to create a thriving offshore wind energy ecosystem here in Klaipėda. 

Explore the key stakeholders and the value chain of the offshore wind energy sector in Lithuania and get a holistic view of the growing industry for your informed decisions.

Investment Opportunities.

Growing Baltic offshore wind energy sector will contribute to the development of many other economic sectors in Klaipėda region and will have a positive effect on the labor market, education, economy.

For investors seeking sustainable and profitable ventures, Klaipėda presents an opportunity. Our region is open for business, offering a supportive regulatory environment and a skilled workforce ready to contribute to the growth to your business.

  • Businesses investing at least 3 million EUR (1 million for service projects in strategic sectors and projects in conversion territories) and creating at least 20 jobs in Klaipėda (10 jobs in service projects and projects in conversion territories) receive permits 50% faster. Learn more
  • The fDi Intelligence voted Klaipėda’s FEZ the #1 FEZ worldwide for launching projects ASAP. The FlexStart programme offers to adapt production and administrative premises for your operation in under three months. Companies can also qualify for a profit tax exemption for 10 years, followed by a profit tax of 7.5%.

Klaipėda’s unmatched price-quality ratio for workspaces, offices or plots of land could be the solution for your business expansion. Explore the map >

  • Up to EUR 36 000 per application, applications accepted year-round.
  1. Cost Reimbursement: 3 measures to reimburse businesses for costs incurred in the last 12 months of operation. 
  2. Partial financing: business projects representing Klaipeda (priority for projects with innovative ideas and those implemented while collaborating with other businesses) are reimbursed up to EUR 15 000.

Integration of the specialist and his/her family to the city, EUR 2,000 for housing rent compensation, EUR 400 for Lithuanian courses (per person) if needed

Talent Acquisition.

We understand that human resources are the backbone of any successful venture. That’s why we are proud to offer a comprehensive range of HR services tailored to the unique needs of your business.

A consultancy, providing a smooth transition for individuals from abroad embarking on a new life, career or business in Klaipėda. Learn more >

Partner institutions include:

  • Migration Department – Residence permits for foreigners. 
  • State Tax Inspectorate – Services related to the taxation system in Lithuania. 
  • Sodra (the State Social Insurance Fund Board) – Social insurance services. 
  • National Health Insurance Fund – Compulsory health insurance services. 

Based on your company needs and development stage we provide comprehensive hiring strategies and staffing solutions. Our collaborative approach, combined with our expertise in talent acquisition, enables us to offer flexible and forward-thinking solutions that align with your company’s unique trajectory and objectives.

We conduct in-depth analyses of the local talent market, assessing skill shortages, emerging trends, and salary benchmarks to help city leaders make informed decisions related to workforce planning and economic development. 

Join Us in Shaping Tomorrow of Baltic Blue Economy.

#KlaipedaManifesto brings together leading policymakers, academic scientists, and business entities from the Baltic Sea region to exchange and share their experiences and results on all aspects of the Blue Economy.

It provides an outstanding interdisciplinary platform for researchers, practitioners, and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns. 

Join us to consider practical challenges and solutions in the fields of Blue Economy and Blue Growth.

The event is organized by Klaipėda ID, Royal Norwegian Embassy in Vilnius, and the Klaipėda State Seaport Authority in partnership with Klaipėda University, Association Klaipėda Region, Klaipėda Science and Technology Park, Norwegian-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce in Vilnius, Lithuanian-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce in Oslo, and Shipping and Offshore Network in Oslo, Lithuanian Maritime Cluster.

  1. Site visits (TBA)
first day of the conference:
  1. Development of the Lithuanian Maritime Strategy
  2. Energy and Net Zero Transformation of the Blue Economy: Today. Tomorrow. Beyond 2030
  3. Sea and Coastal Tourism. Ideas Shaping the Industry
  4. Unlocking the Potential of Collaboration
  5. Offshore Ecosystem Workshop


Second day of the conference:
  1. Maritime Innovations
    Navigating the Global Talent Landscape: Strategies for Building a Skilled and Diverse Workforce
  2. Aquaculture
  3. Port at the Centre

Ready to Unlock the Power of the Baltic Sea? Get In Touch.

Diana Manko

Head of Business

Virginija Ketlerienė

Regulatory Affairs Project Manager

Jurgita Raišytė

Talent Project Manager

Viktorija Paldauskė

International House Klaipėda Project Manager

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