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September 22 Distance education

September 22 in Vilnius

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  • ILAW LEXTAL partner, lawyer dr. Vilius Mačiulaitis is a well-known labor law specialist, in 2012-2014 served as the Chief State Labor Inspector of the Republic of Lithuania. At the law firm ILAW LEXTAL V. Mačiulaitis specializes in labor law, occupational safety and health, administrative law, and also works with business and administrative disputes. Vilius Mačiulaitis worked at the State Labor Inspectorate for more than 12 years, during which he went through all career stages – from the chief specialist to the head of the institution. In recent years Mr. Maciulaitis was responsible for the work …  (more)  
  • Saulius Balčiūnas – occupational safety and health expert.
  • Dainius Rutkauskas – lecturer, business consultant, who has accumulated experience in the Polish, Irish, United Kingdom and Lithuanian markets. He is a specialist who has gone through all the stages himself – from a salesperson in a call center to a regional sales representative, and later to a company manager who oversaw the largest supply and sales contracts. Other interesting achievements: Head of the M-1 Information Service, public relations specialist in the Presidential and Seimas elections, communication author of the “Lituvos kvapas” project, freelance business consultant for the last 6 years, dealing with change communication, internal climate, company image …  (more) )  
  • Saulius Zabulėnas – director of UAB “Verslo Aljansas” Vilnius branch, fire and civil safety specialist, practitioner, conducting theoretical and practical training in the field of fire and civil safety.
  • Tomas Bagdanskis – ILAW LEXTAL managing partner, labor law expert, practicing lawyer since 2002, specializes in labor law, corporate law, contract law and representation in courts, as well as a member of the drafting group for the new Labor Code project, co-author of the Labor Code Commentary. The lawyer Tomas Bagdanskis is named as one of the best labor law lawyers in Lithuania by the influential international law directories “Best Lawyers”, “Chambers Europe” and “Legal 500”. 2014 and 2016 Tomas Bagdanskis received the prestigious “Best Lawyers” award “Labor Law Lawyer of the Year …  (more)  



Occupational health and safety 2022: the latest legislative changes. Changes to the Labor Code from 2022 The speaker is ILAW LEXTAL partner, lawyer dr. Vilius Mačiulaitis :

• Innovations in the Law on Safety and Health of Workers. Changes from 05/01/2022. What new trends are we seeing?
• Regulation, accounting and coordination of rest and working time with occupational safety and health regulations. What are the most common violations?
• The impact of the Labor Code on occupational safety and health regulation: how practice is evolving. An overview of the latest changes to the Labor Code and advice on documentation.

Occupational safety and health in 2022: recent case law and ILO recommendations . The speaker is ILAW LEXTAL partner, lawyer doc. Dr. Tomas Bagdanskis :

• The latest practice in the preparation of occupational safety and health documentation;
• Disputes in the field of occupational safety and health. Recent case law;
• Disputes arising from occupational safety and health documentation.

Fire and civil safety in 2022 The speaker is Saulius Zabulėnas , director of UAB “Verslo Aljansas” Vilnius branch :

• The latest changes and practices in the legal regulation of fire safety;
• Implementation of fire safety requirements: where most mistakes are made;
• Important civil safety provisions in 2022.

5 practical tips for promoting a positive occupational health and safety culture in your organization . Speaker – occupational safety and health expert Saulius Balčiūnas :

• Internal controls for employee safety and health?
• Determining the size and acceptability of professional risk. Occupational risk documentation and how to describe it in practice?
• Peculiarities of preparation of procedures for training, training and certification of employees.

Leadership in occupational safety and health. What should a leader be in order to achieve the goals of the OSH policy? Speaker – Dainius Rutkauskas :

• What should the leader be? Main features;
• Goal setting and policy formulation;
• How to inspire your colleagues to follow all agreed rules?

Conference Agenda

09:00 Konferencijos pradžia

10:30 – 10:45 Pertraukėlė

12:15 – 13:15 Pertrauka

15:30 Konferencijos pabaiga

Conference price:

PROMOTION! When registering until September 16, the price of the remote conference is 119 EUR + VAT, after that – 139 EUR + VAT, the price of the conference in the auditorium is 129 EUR + VAT, after that – 149 EUR + VAT

Duration of the conference:

7 Acad. at

The conference will take place:

2022-09-22 Remote training, in the whole of Lithuania  
2022-09-22 Verslo centras „135“, Žalgirio g. 135, Vilniuje 
Registration: https://mokymuklubas.lt/registracija/?regid=25983&date=2022-09-22&v=


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