Kilo.Health is a digital business working in the health industry. Our main markets are the USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Mexico & the UK. The company was founded 8 years ago, and it took a while to find our niche. Though we did it, and now we strive to be the leader in the wellness category globally. Don’t wish us luck. Come work with us to see it happen.

Get ready to

  • Optimize customer lifecycle experience via marketing automation platforms
  • Oversee and develop omni-channel communication
  • Engage with the customer throughout the lifecycle of the subscription to ensure customer renews and to upsell any additional opportunity available
  • Work closely with creative teams on developing engaging, on-brand and revenue-driving content for email, in-app and push channels
  • Lead day to day execution of marketing campaigns and automation from idea to deployment
  • Lead A/B testing strategies to improve email engagement and conversion
  • Work hands-on when implementing, testing and launching technical campaign triggers for various time-sensitive messages

We expect you to

  • Have experience in customer lifecycle management via marketing automation platforms
  • Have familiarity and experience in omni-channel communication management
  • Have familiarity and experience in product native channels management, such as push notifications, in app automations etc. Ability to set up logic, automation and define success metrics
  • Have ability to breakdown customer lifecycle into key “short runs” and strategically impact customer behavior via automated communication flows.
  • Be precise with numbers and track metrics which actually matter
  • Have ability to define what is customer lifetime and lifetime value
  • Have a great time management skills
  • Have stress resistance
  • Have ability to define what is “Hail Marry” in less than 5 words